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Welcome to top tattoo apps, and the best tattoo designs on the internet. If you looking for the best tattoo app you come to the right site. We list the best applications for iphone and blackberry and nokia mobiles. So look around the site and find some great links to the best tattoo apps. You can also e-mail us sugesstions and links you think we should add to this site.


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Why People Get Tattoos

Without getting too philosophical, it is certainly possible to host a discussion regarding why many people choose to get tattoos. There are in fact many reasons as to why this could be the case, some of which will be discussed below.

For starters, people get tattoos in order to make statements of personality. For example, a biker might get a tattoo of a skull and crossbones in order to show the adventurous pirate side of their personality. The same is true for people that get things like flowers and animals. People quite often try to convey emotion or personality through their tattoo choices.


Another reason that people get tattoos is reactionary. Some people get tattoos as a reaction against authority figures such as parents or lovers. Other people get tattoos because of something that happens in their life that they react to by getting a tattoo. The event is not always a bad one as a particularly wild girlfriend might convince her new boyfriend to get a tattoo and vice versa.

There are millions of tattoos designs, and if you look at a site with tattoo designs, you will get a good idea of the most popular designs

People also get tattoos because they’d like to express something about themselves that other people may not think right off the bat. Have you ever seen a prominent businessman with a suit and a tattoo on their arm or their chest that seems incongruously out of place?  There are many more of these than you might think because so many people these days have to put on the normal respectable life during their working day.

Finally, people get tattoos because they like how they look. When tattoos first started to become popular, people in mainstream society wrote them off as being nothing more than deviants that were looking for a little thrill. As people have started to realize now however, people do see artistic merit in getting tattoos and that is where many of them now come from.

These are not the only reasons why people get tattoos, but they do represent a reasonable cross-section of the population. Is one of these reasons the reason that you get a tattoo?  If not, what is that reason?  Discovering it may teach you something about yourself.

There many kind of tattoo designs out there like butterfly tattoos and gemini tattoos, and tons of other so look around and you should be able to find what your looking for. You can also find many interesting tattoo links with gemini tattoos and other tattoo art.


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